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Membership Fees to the LCCSC help to pay the numerous costs related to providing and maintaining quality cross-country ski trails at the St. Paul Golf Course and at the West Cove Municipal Recreation Area, as well as supporting the various activities of the Club.


2022/2023 Membership into the LCCSC club gives skiers:​​

  • access to adult and youth ski development programs

  • information and access to events of the LCCSC and the Bonnyville Nordic Ski Club (BNSC)

  • 10% discount on xc ski equipment at Sylvestre Source for Sports in Bonnyville, Fast Trax and at Track n Trail in Edmonton

  • access to workshops and clinics

  • liability insurance with Nordiq Canada

To register online by selecting "Buy Now" you will be directed to the Zone4 website where You can pay by credit card or select pay by cheque/cash and then send a cheque or e-transfer to 
To receive a paper registration form email or click on the link below to print a copy.

Yearly Membership

July 1 - June 30

Individual adult (18+)


$30 goes to Lakeland Cross-Country Ski Club
$20 goes to Nordiq Alberta & Nordiq Canada

This link brings you to

Payments can be made by credit card, cash, cheque or e-transfer.

Individual youth (5-17)


$5 goes to Lakeland Cross-Country Ski Club
$20 goes to Nordiq Alberta & Nordiq Canada


We appreciate and need our volunteers to continue making this club great. It is important we track how many volunteer hours people are putting into the Club to make it work so smoothly.  This is a good statistic to share with future donors and sponsors of the club. Please click on the button below to record your volunteer hours.

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